J&B Scotch on Tv

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Update:  Wilsberg  added 9/17/13



Ah yes, the unmistakable look you get when you remember it's time for some J&B.


Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 3)

Larry David acting in a faux-Scorsese movie but the J&B is very real.
Capture courtesy of Adam Voss.



Dexter (Season 2)

Jennifer Carpenter, a Louisville Kentucky girl, freaks out at the sight of so much Scotch.


I Spy

Hong Kong J&B gift pack comes with four cups!



IT Crowd, The  (Season 1)




It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia  (Season 1)

A select capture from a show that has J&B in almost every episode.



Magic City  (Season 1)

Now, that's the kind TV to watch while drinking your J&B.




Midsomer Murders

Nothing like a little poolside J&B before taking the plunge with your jewels on.


Looks like Tuesday night in the Atrocity Room.



The Office (Season 4)

Steve Carell's nose points out the J&B and Johnnie.




Intern J&B.



Sledge Hammer  (Season One)

Compare this liquor store to the one in Terminal Force on the Action/Crime page.




Uniforms and J&B usually imply bribery is possible, even probable, occasionally required.
Capture courtesy of Christian.



The Wire (Season One)

A Yo and J&B.



The Wire (Season Two)

A self destructive alcoholic cop (left) and a bottle of J&B (middle).



Uno Bianca

The labels are turned and tape over the red caps, but you can't hide J&B from us!