J&B Scotch in Everything ElsE M-Z

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Update:  The Pledge   added 6/24/13.



Suicide with J&B, rather than by J&B, for a change.



Man Who Haunted Himself

Make mine a double.


The record may be skipping, but she's not skipping her J&B.


Roger Moore calls for the key to the cabinet.





Woody fails to hail a taxi across the street from the J&B hooch truck.



Mean Machine

This guy's last J&B before heading to prison.



Monkey Hu$tle

Now you boys ain't been drinkin', has ya?


Rudy Ray Moore dressed like a gay pimp and J&B.




Nicolas Cage's J&B stare down...


...ends in violence.



Murderer's Row

Matt Helm's mourning whores and an obscure (but enhanced) bottle of J&B.



Myra Breckenridge

Maybe if Raquel had grabbed J&B, the lesbo scene might have played out.


Awesome J&B billboard on hooch street.



Next Stop, Greenwich Village

Take my word for it.



Ninth Configuation

That's some foamy J&B.



The Noah

The last man on earth creates imaginary friends even though he has J&B. I don't get it.



Noises Off

A needless, desperate phone call for J&B, when it's been right behind him all along.


A frank and serious conversation about J&B sends Julie Hagerty walking.


Well, well, well. This would be pretty tempting.


Denholm Elliot makes a sly grab for the J&B.


Hmmm, when we started this page i remember thinking we'll never get a capture of Carol Burnett brandishing J&B.


I'm still waiting to find a magical bottle of J&B on the stairs when i crawl out of the Atrocity Room.


This looks a lot like a screen capture from one of my fantasies.


Okay, even i have to admit that some J&B moments should not be seen.


Screen legend, Michael Caine, takes his J&B right from the bottle.


John Ritter wants to be like Michael Caine.


Michael Caine and Marilu Henner in the same movie.


 Well, J&B isn't for everyone....



Once Upon A Time In America

How much is that bottle of J&B in the window?


Deniro about to take a shot of J&B.



One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The party girls introduce J&B to the nut house.



One From The Heart

The J&B on the shelf is the only watchable thing in this movie...



Out of the Blue

J&B sponsored prison release party.


Sleazy Charlie (Don Gordon) drinks J&B (when he's not pursuing his friend's 15 year old daughter).


J&B and champagne can put some bad ideas in your head...


...and put you at the business end of your daughter and a pair of scissors.



Over The Edge

Another thoughtless parent hitting the J&B.



Play It Again Sam

Diane Keaton pouring J&B on the rocks for Tony Roberts.



This is probably the only time Woody and  J&B share the screen.



Pledge, The

That bottle of J&B looks so good I can hardly take my eyes off that broken tooth.



Promesse, La

A couple obscured bottles of Flemish J&B.



Raising Arizona

Looks like he's got the J&B thousand yard stare.



Raja Hindustani

Raja is getting housed at a party when he is told that his wife is trying to embarrass him in front of her rich family.
Capture courtesy of Alex Ladd.



Rich and Famous

Jacqueline Bisset looks away from an inadequately tiny glass of J&B.


Filling up the highball glass!


J&B with a sleazy lounge feeling in the privacy of your own home.


An experienced J&B death grip.


No one is going to get between this rich & famous drunk and her J&B.


I hate it when talkative people disrupt the J&B mood.



Rocky III

Pauly's type of pinball involves a tough pint of J&B.




Always wipe out a glass with your coat before enjoying J&B. An old terrorist trick.



The perfect post-torture refreshment. Try it.



Saint Jack

J&B above the rude Singaporean bartender.


J&B in the corner - it's a Johnnie Walker movie.



Satan in High Heels

J&B in the land of upside down bar stools.


Adding water to their J&B at the swank padded bar.




Richard Lynch gets likkered-up with J&B before raping Al Pacino.



The Science of Sleep

Right side up and upside down J&B.




Scream of the Butterfly

I'd be smiling too if my 1965 model home came with J&B.


Bedside J&B should fix whatever unpleasant situation has just arisen.



Shadows (1959!)

No budget improv J&B.




You know it's going to be a good party with J&B at your elbow.


Does this J&B make my toupee look phony?


The Lester: J&B and an Oly.



The Silencers

Dino suddenly functions quite well when it's time to mix another drink.



A Single Man

No, no, no, it's on the shelf to your right by that other Scotch.



Slums of Beverly Hills

Secretly I've been hoping we'd get a J&B capture featuring a guy with a fork stuck in his leg.




Never expected a Barbara Feldon J&B shot.


Motorhome salesman Bruce Dern with J&B on the rocks. The guy's got an office bar!



Some Girls

Exhausted from chasing Jennifer Connelly around the house in her undies...


...Patrick Dempsey relaxes in the tub with a stiff shot of J&B.


After a relaxing soak and an eyeful of Ashley Greenfield, Patrick Dempsey stumbles towards the party...

...and stashes the evidence of his true sophistication behind a plant.




Well, he wasn't special enough to buy J&B.



The Spook Who Sat by the Window

These future revolutionaries enjoy a C.I.A./J&B sponsored party.



The Sure Thing

Cusack (looking like he's pulling his crank out) and J&B, oh, and the sure thing.



There's Something About Mary

There's something about J&B.


Mary can’t help but to be impressed with Tucker’s style when he plies Magda
with the world’s finest blended scotch.


They All Laughed

The J&B hooch truck does a drive by in Bogdanovich's last good movie.



La Vie de Boheme

Deadpan J&B.



Les Visiteurs

An uptight Frog posing with her bottle of J&B.



We Jam Econo

At least Joe Baiza of Saccharine Trust keeps the path clear to the J&B.


Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Highbrow J&B.



Wonder Boys

Intellectual blended scotch party.



The Wrecking Crew

Evil Count Contini's train has a well stocked bar.


Yes Man

J&B sneaks into another Jim Carrey atrocity.