J&B Scotch in Everything ElsE A-L

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Update:  Happily Ever After  added 11/13/2012 


About A Boy

J&B in the vodka section. Fucken Limeys.



Adventures of Priscilla...

Token bottle of drag queen J&B...



After Dark My Sweet

The asshole bartender just before he gets his face punched in.


J&B, perfect to calm the nerves after a little kidnapping.


Reluctant kidnappers and J&B right outta the bottle.



Airport '77

Highjacker J&B.


M. Emmet Walsh gives Lee Grant a J&B facial.



Airport '79

Robert Wagner drinking J&B and wondering why Alain Delon is in this movie.



American Psycho

We're glad "I'm very sorry, sir" came before the drink order.



Analyze This

J&B is the best analysis.



Animal House

J&B gets upstaged by a giant dildo.



Apres Vous

A little suicide J&B.




Robert Bresson made sure his final film would feature a subtle bottle of J&B.



Back To The Future II

Dumb fucking alternate future J&B.




Chris Eigeman eagerly awaits his J&B.



The Betsy

Office bottle and office whore.



The Blackout

Nice hotel minibar.


J&B understandably upstaged by a whore.



Blow Out

Dennis Franz and his favorite hooch.


Dennis Franz and his favorite whore.


This sleazy bastard doesn't even put the J&B down to take a piss!


Travolta kicking back with J&B.


Obviously no clean glasses in this sleazy joint.


A typical sight around my house.....



Box, The

Not in the J&B mood this time.



Boys in the Band

The heterosexual was the only one hitting the J&B at this stagey argue-a-thon.



Breakfast At Tiffany's

Supposedly J&B but we're calling BULLSHIT.



The Break-Up

J&B makes it through Favreau's wardrobe change.




Chevy Chase makes the poor choice of Cutty Sark over J&B.





Martinis, with J&B just for show.


J&B at the cop's house.


A couple J&B bottles in the trunk.


J&B through the French door.


Some day I'll have to take my J&B with banana baby food.


The trick is how you stir your J&B and baby food.



Common Wealth

A smiling Spaniard and J&B.



Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Way too subtle J&B for Chuck.



Day of the Jackal

A little J&B sideline in the hunt for The Jackal.



Death on the Fourposter

J&B as seen through a harp.  Classy.


Michel Lemoine looks J&B wild.


Skinny tie cocktail party with J&B.


What made Michel Lemoine J&B wild.


It's hard to know whether to grab the help or the J&B!



Dumb and Dumber

I almost wished there wasn't J&B in this movie.





J&B right by George Kennedy's head. Look at the way they dressed Richard Roundtree.






Easy Money

Tom Noonan fondles the J&B...


...before crawling over the bar.


Now the party starts.


Everyone sure is keeping an eye on that J&B pour.



Eating Raoul

J&B is quite the accomplice in this liquor store chain of events.




Trust me, there's J&B on the shelf back there...



Eyes Wide Shut

J&B barely makes it into the shot.


Sydney Pollack skips J&B and pours the expensive stuff.



Fighter, The

Ringing the bell for J&B.



40 Year Old Virgin

Two bottles of J&B but no virgins in this shot.




Doc is offered a shot glass and J&B but he makes a point of selecting a different whiskey.



Ghost World

Thora Birch gives J&B a thumbs up.



The Girl

The blurry but unmistakable presence of J&B!




Two homosexuals NOT buying J&B.




J&B in jail (thanks to a continuity error).



Paul Sorvino's itching to crack that bottle of J&B behind him.



Happily Ever After

This is getting close to what the Atrocity Bar would look like.




The bar may be cluttered but the J&B is an easy reach.



He Was a Quiet Man

Look for it.



The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Stacy Keach begs for beer money while the bartender sneaks some J&B.


Double shot of J&B.


J&B next to all the cheap vodka.



Henry Fool

Little Ned already has a good eye...



The Hoax

Alfred Molina must be drinking J&B.



I Love You Man

No love for the out of focus J&B in this movie.



Karzan, Jungle Lord

They have the pitcher but no one is drinking J&B at this 8MM jungle home movie party.



Kramer VS Kramer

...the shit i have to watch for this J&B page...



Last American Virgin

Like totally J&B.



Last Tango In Paris

Legend Marlon Brando acting stupid - because he's drinking champagne, not J&B.



Leaving Las Vegas

Suicidal drunk, Ben Sanderson, loads a shopping cart with booze, but no J&B.



Little Cigars

I can't believe these little guys aren't staring at those sexy J&B gift boxes.