J&B Scotch in Sci-Fi/HORROR movies

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Kiss of the Damned  added 9/17/2013 


Alice Sweet Alice

J&B and a gift pack of grapefruits!



Bad Blood

A little too-dark pre-sťance J&B.



The Bermuda Triangle

The brat, J&B and the evil little meat eating doll.


The doctor is never more than a meter from J&B.


Claudine Auger about to pour the doctor his J&B.


The doctor bee lining for J&B.


The doctor and his fee sitting on the dresser behind him.


I can't put my finger on it but there's something disturbing about this J&B picture.


The Brood

Grandma has enjoyed her last J&B - One of the brood is about to bash her brains out with a meat tenderizer.



The Burial Ground

J&B on a platter... before everyone is brutally murdered by the damn Etruscans.



Child's Play

A hood with a gun watches over his J&B.



City Of The Living Dead

All the cash and J&B in the world can't save you when the gates of hell open.



Dellamorte Dellamore

The bar where Dellamorte meets She for the final time.



Devil Times Five

J&B first thing in the morning.


Look at that fucking couch!

What else are you gonna do when five little kids show up at the cabin?


I had a dream like this once...


Oh. That guy.


Oh. That guy.



Don't Look Now

Donald Sutherland suddenly realizes three little sinister bottles of J&B are watching him.



Earth Dies Screaming

The J&B is gathering dust in this British bar.



The Evil Eye

A little casual J&B.


Nothing's better than washing down your pills with J&B.

When Evil's coming thru the floor, you'd better grab the J&B!



Exorcism of Emily Rose

Big bottle of J&B and some pseudo absinthe.



Frankenstein's Bloody Nightmare

Frankenstein's Smoking J&B.




 Ray Milland refusing to look at the J&B is the real reason the frogs attack in this so-called eco-horror.
Captures courtesy of Thana.




The hero gets his face jammed into some hooch.




High Tension

The above captures that fill in the missing steps to ax death are courtesy of Kate.

You don't get to see J&B like this everyday!



The House By The Cemetery

J&B ad on a bus during Christmas time.



The Hunger

Well-stocked vampire-victim whiskey-bar.



Kiss of the Damned

Do you have any of that vampire J&B?




A little redneck bedroom J&B.


Ann-Margret and nearly subliminal J&B.



Maniac 2

Joe Spinell as Mr. Robbie. This is some depressing J&B.




This Mexican outpost near the Infected Zone serves J&B, quite likely the last whiskey you will ever drink.



My Bloody Valentine

Upside down J&B is a mainstay for small mining towns that are annually terrorized.



Night Child

A possessed child (aren't they all?) defends the J&B bar by throwing pottery at Ida Galli.






Nightmare City

She just found the J&B bottle!



Of Unknown Origin

This is what it looks like when you drink J&B because life is good.


This is what it looks like when you drink J&B because you're losing a battle against a fucking rat!
Captures courtesy of Thana.



Omega Man

The Omega Man has good taste in whiskey but I don't know about that jacket.


J&B on the sideboard just before the mutants trash the place.



Patrick Still Lives

That J&B set is a knockout.


This is my kinda private clinic - J&B in every room.


J&B in every room but this guy brought his own just to be sure.


My kinda dinner party!


Nympho strung out on J&B.


Beg for it - Most of my dates start like this.


Catfight J&B.




Protector of innocent J&B...


...but not Jack Daniels.



Rosemary's Baby

We never get to see what is inside the bassinette of evil but we're sure it's more J&B.




The re-animated dead ignore the top shelf J&B.



Silent Night, Deadly Night

Stockroom manager offers the innocent stock boy some lunch time J&B.


The manager forces J&B on Santa moments before he goes on a murdering rampage.



Something Weird

This dude pours J&B on his recently injured hand, then...


...sucks the J&B out of the bandage! That's weird, even for H.G. Lewis.




Apparently there's still parts of Spain where you can trade slaughtered sheep for J&B.



The Thing

MacReady is about to pour a glass on the rocks to assist his computer chess game.


MacReady pours his J&B into the cheatin' bitch Chess Wizard.



MacReady dives into the snow, J&B still in hand.



MacReady passes his J&B over to Bennings to comfort him after being shot.


Bennings takes a swig of J&B.


MacReady takes a look to make sure he does indeed have the second most popular scotch in the world.


The MacReady: J&B with a Coors chaser.


MacReady tilts back the best defense against a shape-shifting alien.




Yep, it's J&B and the couple camping in someone's yard!



Werewolf's Shadow

A bottle of J&B and an ashtray and an ice bucket!


I  think they serve J&B at this little bar.