J&B Scotch in the Giallo  M through Z

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Update:  A Quiet Place to Kill   updated 4/27/2013


Murder Obsession

Nothing like a little J&B to calm an actor down after a rape and strangulation scene.




J&B on a silver platter!


One should be careful when placing J&B on the table edge, but Carroll Baker likes to have it handy.


A little moody J&B on the patio.  Out of the bottle too.



Perfume of the Lady in Black



Perversion Story



Nice, eh?




Luc Merenda gets off the floor and makes a grab for the J&B.



Quiet Place to Kill

Caroll minding her own business.


C'mon, let's gather 'round the J&B!


Carol Baker drinks a lot of J&B in this movie - For reasons lost to us, she uses a glass.



J&B with matching telephone.


Jean Sorel's choice is clear.



The Red Queen Kills Seven Times

Quite respectable J&B bar.


J&B on the coffee table. She's a fashion photographer and that's the way she dresses?


Check out Ugo Pagliai's striped wallpaper.


Bouchet looking worried (as usual) with J&B in the background.


Rape and J&B. Well, she did let the weirdo in...


Bouchet a little worse for wear and J&B. Jesus, that's blood on the carpet!


Nice posed J&B shot.


Ugo Pagliai and J&B.


Bouchet and J&B. Sounds good. Looks good.



Reflections in Black

Dagmar drinks some J&B then turns down her lesbo maid - I don't think I like this particular bottling of J&B.



Sister of Ursula

Marc Porel just can't take his eyes off that cool J&B ashtray.


Club J&B


More Club J&B


J&B Speedball.


Hmmmm. Panties before or after my J&B.



So Sweet, So Dead

So sweet, so J&B.



Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh

As good as this looks, there's actually another bottle of J&B on the floor.  Kid you not.

And pick up another bottle of J&B, Edwige is coming over.



Strip Nude For Your Killer

J&B by the case - at work!!


The black gloved killer enjoys some J&B before a little murder and mutilation.


A fat guy in front of another case of J&B.


Nino Castelnuovo lounges in bed with J&B between him and Edwige Fenech.


Ahhh, the lovely Edwige Fenech and J&B.


And finally, a little attempted rape clearly influenced by J&B.




Tina Amount and J&B.


Don't answer the door!!!!


J&B is always around but they never drink any, just die horribly.


Carla Brait has a nice ashtray.


Watch Me When I Kill

Watch me when I drink J&B.


Watch me when I carry J&B over to my whore.


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What Have You Done to Solange?

Fabio Testi and Karin Baal pour Joachim Fuchsburger a J&B.



Who Saw Her Die?

Who saw the J&B?



Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key

Anita Strindberg and Luigi Pistilli and some bedside J&B.


With as much J&B they have around the house, some is bound to hit the floor.


Luigi Pistilli and J&B in a high ball glass - by day.


Luigi Pistilli and J&B - by night.


The J&B delivery man! No wonder they have bottles in every room.