J&B Scotch in the Giallo  A through L

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Update:  Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion  added 9/2/11 


All The Colors Of The Dark

George Hilton, a jug of J&B and some ugly furnishings.


Speaks for itself....


God-like view of a very small bottle of J&B.


Susan Scott keeping a bottle handy.


Edwige and J&B. This couldn't have been better if we'd staged it ourselves.




Massimo Serato and J&B.


There's a couple bottles of J&B behind Mimsy.



Bay Of Blood

Cristea Avram's swank fuck pad with J&B staple.


Enhanced J&B. Check out that white sculpture - I can't believe no one dies on it.


Anna Maria Rosati reads from the rich old hag's diary while Cristea Avram dreams of J&B.




The Bird With The Crystal Plumage

 Umberto Raho and J&B.


She puts out her smoke in a J&B ashtray just in time to die.


 Bedside J&B.


 Tony, the Snitch and J&B.


Tony eyeballing J&B while talking to the killer.


 The bird expert grabs for the J&B - Suzy Kendall in a nice short dress.


 Tony delivering the J&B.



Black Belly of the Tarantula

The always cool Gaincarlo Giannini trying not to look at the J&B.


J&B's red and yellow label go well with the decor.


Poolside J&B and Punt - My kind of health spa!!!!



The Bloodstained Butterfly

Evelyn Stewart puts her handbag down next to J&B.



The Blood Stained Shadow

The official whiskey of the Giallo. Here, a homosexual eagerly awaits his J&B.


A heterosexual contemplating J&B.


The perfect thing when you hear the killer moving around in your house.


A rare sight: J&B through the killer's eyes!



Case of the Scorpion's Tail

Imagine this scene with a CD player...


George Hilton realizing it's J&B time.


A psycho killer distracts Alberto de Mendoza and Janine Reynaud from the J&B.


I love coming home to this.


George Hilton getting Anita Strindberg J&B in a highball glass.


Imagine this scene with an HDTV...


A classic J&B ad.



Cold Eyes of Fear

Whore and J&B enthusiast, Anna Flowers (Giovanna Ralli).

Frank Wolff! gathering everyone around the J&B.


Jesus, this is some tense fucking J&B.


Pour the J&B right or wear it motherfucker.


Technically there's still J&B on his face as it goes into the ice bucket.


Rolling J&B.


Creepy capture of Gianni Garko beating a thug to death with J&B.


J&B aftermath.



Crazy Desires Of A Murderer

A Mickey Finn and a J&B chaser.



Cross Current

Philippe Leroy enjoys his J&B right from the bottle, naturally.



A haunting J&B image.



A little morning after J&B.



The Dead are Alive

Pre-probe J&B.


"Look, we need a new probe, and we need it now."


Alex Cord keeps a pint of J&B on file.


Daniela Surina knows she'd better not block Alex from that bottle in the background.


Three bottles of J&B. We only drank two bottles while watching the movie.


Etruscologists are known for drinking and driving.


J&B often causes overacting.


Slimy blackmailing insect torturing caretaker J&B.


Alex Cord roughs up a bottle of J&B, a poor substitute for Samantha Eggar in our opinion.


We're betting Alex brought his own bottle when he stopped by.


Horst Frank on the left with J&B in hand.



Death Carries A Cane

This old bat hits the J&B pretty hard so she won't feel the straight razor cut her throat.



Deep Red

J&B on the transvestite's end table.



Don't Torture A Duckling

Underage J&B.


End table J&B helps Italian TV go down easier.


Arty J&B in the wave tank thingamajig.


Barbara Bouchet knows J&B always makes interrogation easier.


Tomas Milian and Barbara Bouchet and J&B.


Barbara Bouchet always drinks J&B when she's not trying to seduce little boys.



Eye In The Labyrinth

Elisa Mainardi and Rosemary Dexter ignore a bottle of J&B.



Fifth Cord

The great Franco Nero keeps his eye on the road while tilting back some J&B.



Final Curtain

Always remove remove your shoes before approaching a bedside J&B.


This bottle stays in frame for nearly a full minute.



Five Dolls For An August Moon

A great cast gathers on Mario Bava's J&B Island


Everyone hits the J&B pretty hard after they find the first body.


Maurice Poli even drinks from the bottle....


and then washes his hands with J&B!!!!


Ooooooh, Ira von Furstenburg!


Maurice Poli actually drinking from a glass. I don't think there was water on the island.




Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion

Despite Salvador Huguet's insistence that she grab the J&B, Dagmar Lassander lets it pass
and is forced to drink Chivas for the rest of the film.





French Sex Murders

A sleazy bastard gets a J&B while watching Rosalba Neri sing.



Insatiables, The

 She doesn't manage to divert interest from the J&B for long...



In the Folds of the Flesh

The very reason you keep a bedside bottle.


J&B and a revolver.  Classic.


J&B lends a certain panache to questionable decorating choices.


This guy has already lost his pants.  Should he be having more J&B?


 Buried in the background but never out of reach.



Killers Are Our Guests, The

What you should see in every mirror.


I'll have whatever's in that pitcher.


Thug rapist and J&B, a portrait.


Trust us, it's J&B.


She's looking better all the time.


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