J&B Scotch in Erotica, Sleaze & Cannibal Movies

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Update:  The Godson   added 6/17/12

Amazon Jail

J&B and a sleazy over-the-top white slaver throwing popcorn on his birthday. Only in Brazil...



Black Cobra Woman

No one's drinking J&B so the potential threesome doesn't play out.



Black Emmanuelle 2

Half way through the movie J&B finally makes its entrance.


 Five bottles of J&B in the honeymoon suite!


Uppity J&B.


The stud doesn't want to dirty a glass.


 Whore drop-off service with J&B.


 Interracial J&B.


 A J&B office bottle will result in this guy being the worst psychiatrist in the world.



Black Emmanuelle White Emmanuelle

The Nympho and her bedside J&B.


The Nympho's so drunk she doesn't realize the J&B cap is still on.


The Nympho always has J&B on hand when drumming up a desert gangbang.




A couple of groupie whores hitchhiking to the J&B billboard.



Camille 2000

Jet Set J&B.



Cannibal Apocalypse

Cannibal Sax trying not to eat his wife.



Cannibal Holocaust

The hooch truck with an ad for J&B.



Career Bed

Sleazy old bag kisses her daughter's boyfriend next to an embarrassed J&B.




Crimes Of Passion


China Blue rinsing cum out of her mouth with J&B!



Don't Deliver Us From Evil

Nubile J&B.



Eaten Alive

A native drinking J&B to get in character for Lenzi's laughable Deer Hunter scene.


A sleazy Robert Kerman and his only friend, J&B.


Robert Kerman hits his seemingly endless supply of deep jungle J&B.


Robert Kerman tries to comfort Janet Agren after they are attacked by a giant croc.


The natives steal all their supplies except the J&B!



Emanuelle Around the World

I need a little place like this around the corner.



Emanuelle In America

J&B, and Laura Gemser eyeballing a dish full of little dick soaps.


Jesus, get a load of this guy...



The Eroticist

The smiling cardinal makes a surprise J&B visit.


Vatican officials like drinking everyone else's J&B.


 The senator reacts to not being offered J&B.



Escape from Hell

 Sleazy raping pineapple eating J&B drinking prison guards.


A loaded Anthony Steffen just before he knocks the J&B over.



The Exhibitionist

 Grass, Nico Fidenco and J&B will turn you into...


... a "heap of moral rubbish."



Four Times That Night

Jesus Christ, Daniela Giordano is hot. Oh, there's J&B in the next room.


Daniela Giordano fleeing an attempted rape by Brett Halsey.


Daniela Giordano about to pour herself some J&B in a highball glass.


Daniela Giordano and Brett Halsey tipping the bill.


Daniela Giordano's legs and J&B obscura.


Brett Halsey trying to forcibly introduce Daniela Giordano into the lesbian "scene".



The Frightened Woman

Philippe Leroy mixing Dagmar Lassander a J&B Mickey Finn.


The lovely Dagmar Lassander dances around with J&B in a highball glass.



Godson, The



The Hills Have Eyes

J&B is the most popular scotch among cannibals.




Karate Pete offers Matt Stone a pint of sleazy-motel-room J&B.



Jungle Holocaust

The likkered-up pilot kindly offers everyone J&B.



Mad Foxes

Europe's sleaziest and sorriest biker gang sampling some J&B.



Man From Deep River

Ivan Rassimov and his J&B.


Only Ivan Rassimov can look scary offering you J&B.


Ivan Rassimov takes a long pull of Deep River J&B....


...and offers it to his young guide....


...who downs it not knowing what it is -


- J&B doesn't whisper to the natives.


Ivan Rassimov literally talking to his J&B.


Ivan Rassimov moments before Lenzi puts him through the jungle wringer.



Moonlighting Wives

J&B in a well stocked bar, Joseph Sarno style.



My Father's Wife

Dr. Pistilli prescribes J&B.


J&B family portrait.


Adolfo Celi tries to ply the frigid Carroll Baker with J&B.


Carroll Baker and son-in-law about to partake in a deadly affair.


Nice J&B shot with Carroll Baker sporting one of many terrible hairdos.


Dr. Pistilli self medicating with J&B.



One Shocking Moment

Beautiful Kodak J&B.



Sewer Rats

Translation: "Is that J&B on the table in front of me?"


Dagmar and J&B (3rd generation dupe)


Rare front and back J&B coverage


J&B in a glass.  What the...?


I'm going to drink the shit out of this bottle of J&B.


Notice how Richard sells the J&B over the spilled, warm beer.




Snake God, The

For some reason I can hardly keep my eyes on the J&B.
Capture courtesy of Jesse W.




So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious





Side effect of J&B or being in a Jess Franco movie.



The Takers






Unidentified Porn Movie

Getting off on twins and J&B!



Yellow Emanuelle

Keep your eyes on the glass! This is the way to drink J&B.


Airline exec office bottle wouldn't go over too well these days.


The familiar yellow label to loosen up the yellow Emanuelle.