J&B Scotch in Action & Crime movies  M through Z

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Update:  Mr. No Legs added 12/7/2013


A Man Called Magnum

Start this ten minutes before viewing the movie.



How much is that J&B in the window?



Luc Merenda sips a cordial.



Luc Merenda beats up a junkie who has 4 small bottles of J&B on his headboard, and the box they probably came in.



Undercover fags, I mean, cops pose in front of a jug.



J&B art shot.



Ahhhh, my favorite - J&B and a topless doped-up sex slave eurowhore.



J&B entices the mob boss' frail but she drinks sweet vermouth instead! Dumb bitch. And she dies too.




A ruthless mobster has two bottles of J&B but doesn't offer any to his American hit men!


Eva Lalli (Luciana Paluzzi ) polishes off her J&B at the hotel bar.


Silva with the loud jacket and enhanced J&B upper right.


Nice large table J&B and a Punt ashtray.


A hooligan gets wasted by Luca Canali mid-J&B.


A nice arty J&B shot as captured.




Man of the Year





Mean Streets

This Vietnam vet getting loaded with J&B will soon go berserk.


Deniro provides more evidence that J&B makes you violent.



Memory Of A Killer

J&B is a mainstay among Belgians who pimp out their 12 year old daughters.



Mesrine: Public Enemy #1

Career criminal, Francois Besse, packs up his rods when the J&B and whores arrive.


Two French whores enjoy their J&B in champagne glasses.


Mesrine changes appearance many times but you can always count on J&B to remain unchanged.



Miami Vice

Cuban J&B.




Milan Calibre 9

The bartender checking his J&B stock.


Gastone Moschin with the expression that never leaves his face.


Giuseppe Castellano, in the really cool shades,  holds off his hooligan.


Gastone Moschin chats up Barbara Bouchet, his lying, cheating, go-go dancing whore.


Barbara Bouchet adds some water to Gastone Moschin's J&B.


Barbara Bouchet taking a dance break.


J&B at the bowling alley! Meanwhile, Giuseppe Castellano checks out that chick's ass.



Mr. No Legs




Murder By Numbers


Out-acted by a bottle of J&B.



Ocean's Twelve

Looks like the Atrocity Night aftermath.



One Down, Two To Go

The pivotal, endless bar scene....


Tom Signorelli and J&B fan dance.


Fred "The Gun Fu Expert" Williamson enjoys some Holiday Inn J&B.



Package, The

The preferred way to acquire J&B when you're are a little short on cash.



Professional Killer

If this is how you see your bottle of J&B, then you've had just about enough.



Quantum of Solace

37 years! See the Giancarlo Giannini capture from Black Belly of the Tarantula (1971).


Bond, with an uncharacteristic buzz, but not from J&B.



Rabid Dogs

George Eastman picking out the whiskey that will get him so likkered up he'll earn a bullet in the head.


George Eastman taking it right from the bottle.


Fighting over the J&B bottle! This happens at my house every Friday night.



Rambo: First Blood II

Charlie likes J&B.


Rambo and Co Bao give a case of J&B the cold shoulder.




Richard Lester eagerly waits for his turn at the pint.




Revenge of the Bushido Blade

Gratuitous shot of bedside J&B.


Even the bartender joins in the toast with the uncomfortably dark J&B.


A typical sight when you keep a bottle of bedside J&B.


Even with that blue tie this dude looks pretty menacing with a bottle of J&B.




Oliver Reed breaks up a foursome with J&B.



Ricco the Mean Machine

This sequenced J&B plays like a commercial.



Chris Mitchum's pre-revenjin J&B.



Ring of Death

A shot of J&B with the doomed Sandy Bronson.


Franco keeps the J&B at his elbow.


Every portrait of Adolfo Celi should include J&B.


Rock stars keep two bottles handy.


Mod J&B.




"Come on, I like Scotch."
Capture courtesy of Adam Voss.




Three bottles and a case of J&B. Daria Nicolodi keeps a good house.


John Steiner checks his watch to see if it's J&B time.




On-the-run criminal, Peter Coyote, picks J&B from between his teeth.



Street Fighter

What's this? Johnnie on the table - J&B on the shelf? Oh well, Sonny Chiba is going to beat them all to death anyway.




Jean-Hugues Anglade fixing J&B to forget he was in this movie.


Isabelle Adjani drinking J&B to forget she was in this movie.



Sudden Death



Sun Dragon

J&B in a Chinese bar in Arizona!




A gangster delivers a case of hooch, the hooch we call J&B.


Ivan Rassimov about to pour a few drinks.



Syndicate Sadists

Guido Alberti tending the J&B.



Femi Benussi, Punt, and a well hidden bottle of J&B.


A knife collection and J&B.


Falling J&B. Falling Antonio Casale.


Tomas Milian, hero of the third world, drinking some J&B.


Silvano Tranquilli reaching for the J&B.


No J&B but I couldn't resist a capture of Luciano Catenacci's bedroom.


Behind the scenes shot of Joseph Cotton drinking J&B.


Another behind the scenes shot.



Terminal Force

Four sizes of J&B!


Richard Harrison prefers Stoli after a shooting.



Tintorera: Killer Shark

Porthole J&B.


Lotsa J&B and wholesale sea life slaughter in this movie.



Training Day

J&B in da hood.



Violent City

Lotsa J&B in the background while Telly makes a couple drinks in real cocoanuts.


Chuck, Telly and J&B.



Violent Naples

A bunch of hooligans about to get harassed by Commissario Betti.


Is Commissario Betti looking for some J&B or someone to slap around?




The Violent Professionals

Luc Merenda with a bedside J&B.


The judge, the whore and the bedside J&B.


Some J&B before Luc Merenda goes revenjin!


Richard "One-Bone" Conte orders the usual.


Triple shot of J&B and a cute whore to go along with it.


Luc Merenda ordering milk!


Luc Merenda with J&B in hand before some more killing.




Yet another soldier trying to drink away the dirty fucking VC.



Web of Violence

J&B obscura.



Wild Angels

The booze and bongo delivery service provide a blurry bottle of J&B.



White Lightning

Barely visible J&B. Johnnie and Cutty also.




Cro-Magnon J&B.