Shown December 2, 2005


Three losers abduct the daughter of a jewelry store owner in this ugly and sadistic no-budget classic. Be there.

Verson: Tries harder than most independent low-budget American crime films but a couple of good ideas and a downbeat ending don't outweigh the bad acting and a manipulative, plodding script.

Joe: Often inept and laughable but still it delivers some sick thrills and a freaky retarded looking kid and a bleak ending.











Verson:  This might be considered a good (or bad enough to be good) film in Indonesia but I found it tiresome.

Joe: Lives up to its outrageous rep but everyone forgot to mention how dull and annoying it is.











Luc Merenda stars as detective Giorgio Caneparo, out to blow a hole in every bad guy's head. Angry that the press merely publicizes the murder of his boss and no one actually does anything about it, Merenda delves into the criminal underworld lead by Richard Conte.

Verson: A dark horse in the Italo-crime stakes, this baby came through with flying (in slow motion) colors. Right up there with the best Merli or Franco action thrillers.

Joe:  I've never been much of a luc merenda fan but he's really likeable here as the over-the-top justice-at-any-fucking-price inspector, although the role is much more suited for maurizio merli (he wouldn't be in a cop movie for another two years). Lots of action and violence and car chases and starring a who's who of 70's italian action movies. Top notch.






Shown November 4, 2005

All Jap Night



Two very different psychopaths meet up in this graphic and dark Yakuza movie. From director Takashi Miike, who did the weird and violent DEAD OR ALIVE movies.

Joe:  Takashi Miike delivered what we demanded - his trademark outrageous ultra-violence, a cool anti-hero and lotsa black humor. I'm ready for more.

Verson:  Seriously sadistic crime entry has over-the-top violence and a fascinating main bad guy who's too evil even for the mob. Only the Japanese could come up with a nightmare world like this.

Brad: Bloody, over-the-top, unrelenting yakuza flick filled with ultra-violence and very little redeeming social value. In other words, perfect atrocity material. "Ichi" is certainly an opus that provides more proof that Japanese filmmakers are some of the most disturbed artists in the world! But that's OK, as long as we continue to be the beneficiaries of the sick and twisted results of their sexually repressed madness.







Another horrific cyberpunk bizarre kinetic nightmare from Shinya Tsukamoto, director of TETSUO: IRON MAN, TOKYO FIST and BULLET BALLET. A man is injected with something mysterious after being victimized by street gangs (a common theme among his films). After his family is victimized again, he starts to transform into a cyborgrevenjinmachine. Tsukamoto wisely proceeds like the first movie never happened.

Joe:  Nice weirdness from Shinya Tsukamoto that can't quite sustain for feature length. The poor picture quality and sound ruins any chance the movie had. Contains a couple themes he will explore later in more depth and one of the best kid death scenes ever.

Verson:  Not as compelling or as intense as TETSUO: IRON MAN, this had one showstopping moment when our hero blows up his own kid.

Brad: TETSUO II wasn't NEARLY as impressive as the original. In fact, I'd say that this one was a real dud -- in atrocity terms anyway. Sure, there was one scene that sticks with you (see Verson Jetorix's review above) but one scene doesn't make a movie - even when you're likkered up.





A mad scientist plans to rule the world with his fishmen/water cyborgs from his underwater base. A young Sonny Chiba must save the world from another crazy tojo. From the director of GOKE, BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL.

Joe:  Fun mad scientist movie containing the most reaction shots i've seen in one movie and some photography that looked as though it were framed by a little kid. The debate will go on for years about the size of Peggy Neal's ass.

Verson:  I was disappointed in this little number that had been on my list forever. It has it's low-budget charm (there's some cool sets and stuff) but it was really childish and the efforts of the craftsmen on the production were sabotaged by inferior photography.

Brad: Sonny Chiba chases mysterious sea creatures 3000 feet beneath the surface. Cheesy special effects, cool sets and bad dubbing made this one fun for me. Three shots of Knob Creek helped make it even better!








Shown October 21, 2005



A classic Hammer vampire movie finally on DVD! Lush sets and colorful cinematography and strong vampire action and Peter Cushing returning as Van Helsing and Michael Ripper in the role of the Coachman.

Joe: Lovely vampire movie much better than I remembered it being although I remember very little of this evening.

Brad: Great locations, colorful sets, an intriguing storyline and a very gullible (and extremely sexy!) Yvonne Monlaur made this Hammer classic a treat for both the eyes and the psyche.  Even the fact that Hammer mainstay Michael Ripper pulls a MAJOR Kinsky is forgivable

Verson: Gorgeous DVD of this, the best Hammer Dracula flick. That's right, the best.








Loosely based on the Burke and Hare scandal, Boris Karloff (in an unforgettable performance) plays a cabman who procures cadavers for a doctor's medical school, but as the cemeteries become guarded against body snatching, it's only natural he bypass the cemetery all together. One of the best horror movies of the 40's is finally available on DVD. From the director of THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

Joe: Boris rocks. I remember that.

Brad: Karloff was fucking brilliant!  Nuff said...

Verson: Boris holds the screen like no one else in this classic picture. He should have been at least nominated for his riveting performance. He kills the competition!








Nico Palmieri (Fabio Testi) is another cop going up against the extortion racket. When his department gets in the way of justice, he recruits a mob of victims to go kick some dago ass, Testi-style. Directed by Enzo Castellari. Rated R for good ole revenge violence.

Joe: I was really drunk and remember almost nothing. I guess I'll just have to watch it again!

Brad: This swell Euro delivered on so many levels.  The amount of action was almost absurd and successfully paved over a few potholes in the plot, which could have been easily lost in translation -- literally.  The Testi Fiat roll was a highlight and the climactic gun battle was epic.

Verson: Castellari's hyper-exaggerated crime flick holds plenty of the expected thrills but the slow-mo Testi-cam in-the-car roll is the fucking show-stopper.







Shown October 7, 2005


CAGED HEAT   (1974)

A girl is caught in a drug bust and sent to a prison run by iron-handed superintendent (Barbara Steele) who takes exception to a skit performed by the prisoners and takes punitive steps, aided by a sadistic doctor who is doing illegal experiments and raping drugged prisoners. After a while the prisoners put away their petty differences and plan a revolt resulting in the best feel good ending of 1974. Sleazy exploitation from the director of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

Verson Jetorix: Definitely better than many WIP movies, the general fascination with the genre continues to elude me. I will say this movie delivered what was expected and pleased a tough, drunken crowd in the high-pressure third slot.

Joe Violente: Totally inept and often painful to watch except for Tak Fujimoto's leering camera that details a surprisingly amount of female nudity including almost all of the female cast.







German Krimis Police try to track down a red-hooded serial killer who murders his victims with a combination of acid and poison gas. Joachim Fuchsberger and the lovely often stalked Uschi Glas.

Verson Jetorix: I was pleasantly surprised - seeing this for the first time on DVD - at the craft and artistry on display in Alfred Vohrer's late-cycle Edgar Wallace entry. But when I went back over his filmography I realized he made many of my favorite German krimis including Dead Eyes of London, Inn on the River, and Creature With the Blue Hand, among many others. Thanks Dark Sky for the terrific-looking DVD of this little gem and I hope you put out more Wallace!

Joe Violente: Fun and very nice looking movie with a cool villain and locations but tiresome comic relief throughout.


Ah yes, the Red Hood of Courage pictured with "his" whip.





PRIME CUT   (1972)

Hit man Lee Marvin is pressured into a job by a new breed of businessman-gangster. He goes up against Gene Hackman and there's lots of killing and probably some revenging too.

Verson Jetorix: Lee Marvin is the glue that holds this very slight modern gangster story together. The film has its moments but it wasn't one of the the new breed of razor-sharp crime thrillers that it wanted to be.

Joe Violente: Some early full frontal nudity (Sissy Spacek and
Janit Baldwin) and Lee Marvin are the only things worth watching here. And even Marvin pushes my dedication by only bringing his ego to a shotgun fight. Also contains one of the worst chase scenes ever, when Marvin and Spacek are chased down by a slow moving combine. The goody goody ending is too much.




Here's a rare look at Sissy Spacek's bush.









Shown September 2, 2005


THE BLACK CAT   (1934)

Verson Jetorix:  I never get tired of this timeless classic. My fave Boris movie (and fave Bela movie by default) and it's probably in my top five of all time. Thanks for the DVD Universal but I would have bought it if released by itself anyway and I wouldn't have minded some extras!

Joe Violente:  One of the great achievements of the golden age of horror. Edgar Ulmer's German background really shows in the twisted storyline, melancholy mood and stylish art deco sets. Required viewing.








Aliens from a dying world plot to conquer earth by bringing two dead scientists (Michael Rennie and Karin Dor) back to life so they can re-animate the werewolf Waldemar Daninsky, Frankenstein's monster (both played by Jacinto Molina), the mummy Tao-Tet, and the vampire Count de Meirhoff. Get ready for some Spanish delirium!

Verson Jetorix:  Delirious monster-rama in the tradition of old Universal. I was afraid it might be unwatchably bad but it turned out to be entertainingly bad. Karin Dor looks hot in this, Paul Naschy gets the blonde, Michael Rennie phones it in, and Craig Hill doesn't have as much fun as he should have.

Joe Violente:  Lived up to its delirious promise. How can you not have fun with a movie where aliens try to take of the world by re-animating some monsters and they all just end up fighting among themselves? All Atrocians were of correct likkerupedness to enjoy it.







Despicable hooligan (Tomas Milian) kidnaps a billionaire’s daughter and angry no-nonsense cop (Henry Silva) must track down the mad dog. Violent and tasteless Eurocrime from director Umberto Lenzi so expect car chases, pointless violence and a hot Eurowhore or two.

Verson Jetorix:  I'm not a big fan of Tomas Milian and this Umberto Lenzi misfire didn't do anything to change that. Especially since he kills off Anita Strindberg and Laura Belli without removing their clothing.

Joe Violente:  The story was vicious but what made it onscreen was really watered down and predictable. Milian delivers the best line as he is about to forcibly violate his unwilling girlfriend: "I'll make you see Napoleon, you bitch!"









Shown August 5, 2005


Verson Jetorix:  if it wasn't for the nudity, BLACK SHAMPOO would've been complete bs. hilariously inept in every department save one "rectifying" scene and the delicious body of the heroine.

Joe Violente: The lead was trying to be really cool and laidback but came off as bored and gay. Just bad enough to be some fun.







Verson Jetorix: my third viewing of this twisted masterpiece. a film like no other, TETSUO should be required viewing for any aspiring Atrocian, preferably while under the influence of any combination of alcohol and drug.

Joe Violente: An amazing and twisted visual feast. A must see.








Verson Jetorix: comparatively low-key than other car chase movies from the 70's, DMCL is still a fun ride with a jaw-dropping ending.

Joe Violente: I liked it but the scene with Susan George eating a popsicle should have been much longer.




Shown July 8, 2005


Verson Jetorix: Nunsploitation with some good ideas and some delivery. Too staid and serious over all, tho.

 Joe Violente: Mexican nunspoitation that is just okay. It doesn't deliver enough sleaze or horror to put it in the class of ALUCARDA.








Verson Jetorix: Tons o'nudity in this silly period piece from Germany starring Edwige Fenech. The cannon scene is the icing on the cake.

Joe Violente: Sleazy but innocent fun. The hilarious scene with a guy straddling a cannon is enough to make it worth seeing.








No June Atrocity Night Due To AFF

Shown May 6, 2005


OLDBOY   (2003)

Verson Jetorix: This baby delivers in spades! Depth and style that are hard to come by these days.

Joe Violente: What a pleasant surprise. Stylish revenge, Korean-style.









Verson Jetorix: Tomas Milian actioner that didn't really pay off, in my book.

Joe Violente: A really good cast and several action scenes can't save this one.










Shown April 1, 2005


Verson Jetorix: Simplistic spaghetti revenge flick has a creepy horror style that won me over.

Joe Violente: Slow moving western with a bit of atmosphere but just doesn't go anywhere.









SCORCHY   (1976)

Verson Jetorix: Jaw-dropping crime film shot in Seattle in '76. See Connie Stevens kick drug lord ass. And take her top off. More primo William Smith action.

Joe Violente: All I remember after seeing this as a kid is Connie Stevens' naked swim in Lake Washington but there's also some pretty good action and 70's ambiance.








Shown March 4, 2005


Verson Jetorix: The best rabid hippie movie of December 1970.

Joe Violente: Surprisingly fun.










Verson Jetorix: The best opening scene of just about any film. You aren't required to watch the rest.

Joe Violente: The two opening scenes are just as good as LADY TERMINATOR but then the rest of the movie is terrible romance and dance scenes with awful music.









Shown February 4, 2005


Verson Jetorix: Another superb Maurizio Merli crime thriller from the golden age of the Italian cop movie.

Joe Violente: Another good Merli cop movie with Tomas Milian and John Saxon backing him up. It was amazing to finally see this widescreen!










Verson Jetorix: Tough little redhead Sondra Currie kicks bad guy ass and takes her top off. William Smith has a cameo worth the price of admission.

Joe Violente: Dull and not sleazy enough.








Shown January 7, 2005

SSSSSSS   (1973)

Verson Jetorix: I liked this corny sci-fi/horror mix that stars the great Strother Martin. Director Bernard Kowalski made a really good TV movie called BLACK NOON back in '71.

Joe Violente: This one freaked me out as a kid and although it's dated it delivers some pulpy perversity. Surprisingly enjoyable.











Verson Jetorix: Cream of the Indonesian crop, LT is one of wildest, most hilarious films in Atrocity history. Watch it!

Joe Violente: One of the most entertaining and funny movies I've ever seen.






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