Shown November 2001


Mario Bava: Master of the Macabre   (00)

It didnít tell us anything we didnít already know and I found the narratorís accent annoying but it sure made me want to watch some of Bavaís movies again.











Bird With the Crystal Plumage   (70)

An early Argento that had just come out on DVD. Not my favorite of his films but itís nice to see his stuff treated reverently on the new medium.











Battle Royale   (00)

Japanese flick about teens forced to kill each other in a sick game. I thought it was okay and the presence of Takeshi Kitano helped a lot.










Shown October 2001


 It! The Terror From Beyond Space   (58)

A silly but broodingly photographed monster-in-the-spaceship flick that is certainly enjoyable. Thereís something about 50ís sci-fi. Iíd recommend it.












Death Knocks Twice   (69)

A real mess. It features a great Eurocast like Fabio Testi, Adolfo Celi, Anita Ekberg, etc but it makes no sense and thereís not enough sex and/or violence to make it worth the time. Beware.








Shown September 2001


Gordonís War (73)

A little blaxploitation number that is none too good really. Too serious.











Planet of the Vampires   (65)

DVD! Wow does this old favorite look great. Bava rocks.












Professional Killer   (66)

Starring the great Robert Webber and the equally great Franco Nero (although we donít get his real voice in the English-dubbed print). This is a terrific Ďambienceí Euro-crime film that I highly recommend.










Shown August 2001


Secret of the Telegian   (60)

Cool Japanese sci-fi flick called, about a guy who can teleport himself around town in order to kill! Pretty fun stuff if you like late 50ís/early 60ís Japanese non-monster sci-fi flicks. I do.









Assassination   (67)

Henry Silva! This is a very moody piece that I would rank highly in the Euro-ambience category.













Un Flic   (72)

A heist movie directed by Jean-Pierre Melville and starring Alain Delon. Itís really good but is let down by some disastrous model work at the end. Nearly spoiled the whole thing, in my opinion












Shown July 2001


A Dandy in Aspic   (68)

A troubled production (Anthony Mann died before completion) and it shows. This cold thriller never hits its stride and the viewer will no doubt be hard pressed to get involved.














Psych-Out   (68)

Lame hippie story from the Corman stable that makes one glad to have missed the party.












Cat Oí Nine Tails   (71)

Looks great on DVD even though itís not personal favorite of mine among his work. It seems like a warm up to the truly masterful films yet to come from this undeniable talent.











Shown June 2001


Gangland   (73)

Stars Chris Mitchum. This turned out to be a rather fun ride but low expectations may have something to do with our appreciation of this Italian crime entry.













Kill Me Gently   (67)

Another of the Kendall/Harris ĎKommissar Xí flicks. This one centers around the drug LSD but the filmmakers donít take advantage of that very much. Itís still good menís adventure fun, as usual.













The Uranium Conspiracy   (78)

Stars Fabio Testi and it also turned out better than expected. The fact that Janet Agren has a nude scene was only partially responsible.









Shown June 28, 2001 (Special)


Ginger   (71)

Yes itís highly touted as a naughty underground classic but itís just more bad acting in a dumb story with no visual flair. Ho hum.











The Scorpion With Two Tails   (82)

Giallo that is just too darn bland to get excited about. It has a decent cast but it just meanders and makes no sense and is generally forgettable. So forget about it!











Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill   (65)

The first of the Kendall/Harris series and the most akin to James Bond in look and feel. Hey, it was popular enough to spawn a half-dozen more of the pairís adventures.










Shown April 2001


Return of the Blind Dead   (73)

This is the second of Ossorioís Knights Templar series. Poor editing has a fireworks display go on all night! Really bad but it has fave Tony Kendall of the Kommissar X series so it wasnít a total loss. They are the some of the coolest monsters ever, those Knights.











The Girl Who Knew Too Much   (63)

First time on DVD. Mario Bava is a genius. Plus it has John ďThe SaxĒ Saxon. Whatís not to like. Beautiful black and white. I donít understand people who donít like black and white movies. The lack of color removes the movie from reality in such a way that 1) thereís no question that the movie is indeed fantasy and 2) the ďsuspension of disbeliefĒ is that much more intense. Movies with garish, inappropriate colors accomplish the same thing but on a lesser level. And Bava proved that too and very soon after making this one.











Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks   (76)

On DVD no less. Iíd never seen any of this series and it was pretty much what I expected. Okay fun for the boys but I wouldnít buy it, if you know what I mean.













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