One night while attending the Seattle International Film Festival, 10 year SIFF veterans Verson and Joe got bored with the movie and they left for Verson's home, where a full bottle of bourbon awaited them. On their way, they stopped by the video store and grabbed a VHS tape that had a cover that looked somewhat familiar. Something to do with a soundtrack compilation of 70's Italian cop movies. The movie was VIOLENT PROTECTION and they haven't been back to the Seattle International Film Festival since. Instead, they created their own: The Atrocity Film Festival. Sure, the Atrocians often get drunk and argue over who thought of it first, but they always settle on it being a group decision because they like to keep the violence on the screen.

AFF is a showcase for most genres and exploitation as you will see if you select a link at the left and look through the previous festivals. I'm sure one or two strangers will happen upon this page and drool with envy but AFF is a small private festival held in the old musty basement of Museum Violente, where if it not for the constant odor of alcohol that has permeated the walls one might smell what is actually hidden behind the sagging cement barriers holding back the damp earth of the crawlspace.

See ya down in the Atrocity Room.



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