Week #1 - May 29th - 30th 
Time Friday  (Museum Violente) Saturday   (Museum Violente)
Noon   Captain America  chapters 1-3
2pm   The Proud Ones
5pm Annual Taco Feed Deadfall
7pm A Minute to Prey, a Second to Die Dillinger
9pm Four Flies on Grey Velvet Duel in the Eclipse
11pm Sins of Sister Lucia Erotic Diary of a Lumberjack


Week #2 - June 5th - 6th   
Time Friday  (Museum Violente) Saturday   (Bonny Lake)
Noon   Captain America  chapters 4-7
2pm   The Nevaden
4pm   Goke
7pm Fantastic Argoman Black Sabbath (HD)
9pm Witches Mountain H-Man
11pm Schoolgirl Report 5 Women in Fury


Week #3 - June 12th - 13th
Time Friday  (Atrocity West) Saturday  (Museum Violente)
Noon   Captain America  chapters 8-11
2pm   Wichita
4pm   Tin Star
7pm Black Noon Deadly Sweet
9pm The Hanging Woman Breaking Point
11pm Frauleins in Uniforms Dixie Dynamite


Week #4 - June 19th - 20th
Time Friday  (Museum Violente) Saturday   (Bonny Lake, soon to be renamed)
Noon   Captain America  chapters 12-15
2pm   Pursued
4pm   The Don is Dead
7pm The Undead Dog Soldiers
9pm War of the Insects Lawman
11pm Girl Slaves of Morgana le Fay Human Beasts