The Atrocity Film Festival 2004
The Passion of the Antichrist

Reported by Verson Jetorix


Special Serial Presentation (3 chapters shown each Saturday morning):

THE PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES  - 1945. Invasion of America from 50,000,000 miles away! Daring! Thrilling! Weird! Wonderful! 15 episode Republic serial.

This photo isn't from the serial, although Linda Stirling stars in it. This was the start of our Linda Sterling cult.










I couldn't find any good pics of her in PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES so here she is as the Tiger-Woman from 1944. That's it for Linda.













Okay, one more. She was really hot swinging that whip around in ZORRO'S BLACK WHIP.










Now, onto the rest of the fest...

May 20:


The Monster Club (80)

Dicey anthology helped by the presence of Vincent Price and John Carradine but hurt by the nightclub milieu and especially by the lame bands in between story segments.











Nada (74)

Claude Chabrolís satire on terrorism is obtuse enough to alienate even the most forgiving of viewers. Color me alienated.






May 21:


Murder by Contract (58)

Slick, enjoyable little hit man thriller. Not a wasted frame however implausible the story.








Black Gunn (72)

Canít measure up to Jim Brownís Slaughter but we enjoyed the scene where the sidekick pours J&B in his milk before bedtime.











Afraid to Die (60)

Be very afraid to watch this dull Yakuza story.










May 22:


Stranger From Venus (54)

Day the Earth Stood Still pastiche with no budget but a certain charm.











Grand Slam (67)

No great shakes in the heist department despite claims to same. Plus I hate it when the director cheats the audience, unless itís Mario Bava.










All the Colors of the Dark (71)

One of the primo gialli. This one revolves around a Satanic cult, always a favorite subject of mine.









May 27:


Demonlover (02)

All talk and no walk. If only Cronenberg had directed.










Bubba Ho Tep (03)

Silly stuff but watching Bruce Campbell in the role he was born to play makes this one worth watching.











May 28:


Fata Morgana (65)

I remember this one was weird but Iíll have to watch it again to form a more solid opinion. Must have been the goofballs I was doing.










Boxcar Bertha (72)

I still didnít like this depressing depression crime story.











Alucarda (75)

 Now this is the shit! Balls to the wall nunsploitation. The high water mark of the subgenre.
















May 30:

Hired Hand (71)

Excellent low-key western with terrific photography and the incomparable Warren Oates.











Santo y Blue Demon vs. los Monstruos (69)

Drink up, itís Santo! Enjoyable monster mash for the masked wrestler in all of us.






Strip Nude for Your Killer (75)

Sleazy excuse for nudity and murder. Loved it.








June 3:

I, Madman (88)

Clever little horror story with hotty Jenny Wright winning the ďstalked in pantiesĒ award this year.












Hellraiser (87)

Still somewhat disturbing even though the bar has been (hell)raised since. Still holds its place in horror history.









June 4:

The House That Dripped Blood (70)

Enjoyable anthology should you be in the mood for one.










Libido (65)

Early giallo from Ernesto Gastaldi is definitely worth your time.










The Strange Vice of Mrs. Ward (70)

One of the best gialli ever and one that would help define the genre.











June 5:

Giant of Marathon (59)

Good muscleman movie started by Tourneur and whipped into shape by the great Bava.












Big Guns (73)

Hallmark revenge flick and one of my very favorite Alain Delon flicks.













Slaughter Hotel (71)

More sleazy excuses for naked chicks and bloody death. Awesome print on DVD and even more awesome footage of goddesses Margaret Lee and Rosalba Neri in their prime and in the buff.


Mmmmm, Rosalba Neri dead and nude.




Mmmmm, Margaret Lee nude and just sleeping.








June 10:


Suicide Club (02)

How many Japanese girls does it take to stop a train? Youíll find out. Itís the best scene in this grisly movie.



Assault With a Deadly Weapon (77)


Perhaps the best Merli cop thriller and the one I would take to a desert island.


June 11:


Underworld Beauty (58)

This is an accountantís version of a Yakuza story. Dull unless youíre a bean counter.









Mystery of Rampo (94)

Still gorgeous blend of a Rampo story and Rampo bio.










Evil Dead Trap (91)

Another body count movie that is sometimes creative but for the most part derivative.









June 12:


Santo and the Diabolical Axe (64)

Santo and the Diabolical Axe (64) Ė One of the weird (and thatís saying something) early Santo flicks that involves time travel or something. Drink up!










Strange Behavior (81)

This won kudos back in the day for being somewhat different but it doesnít really hold its charm anymore.










Horror Rises From the Tomb (72)

Naschy! Nice DVD with all the nudity (some of which is by fave Helga Line) and gore missing from the US print. Too bad itís the full frame version that has the good stuff. Still worth it.









June 17:

Psychomania (72)

Not as bad as I feared but not a classic or anything. Features the worst heroine of the fest.








Death Carries a Cane (72)

Silly giallo that makes everybody look guilty, and I mean everybody.








June 18:

Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter (74)

Swashbuckler vampire flick that had potential but without a good lead and no balls itís only a pretender. Caroline Munro makes the best wench.









A Smile Before Death (72)

Sweet little giallo with a good cast (Rosalba Neri, for one) and a killer soundtrack.









Seven Bodies for Scotland Yard (71)

Hopeless Naschy vehicle that figured among the biggest disappointments of the fest.








June 19:


The Ghost (63)

Love this Freda fright flick. DVD finally puts the early scenes in the right order. I want to watch it now!












Superfly (72)

Classic blaxploitation but somehow seems a little tattered now.








The French Connection (71)

This gritty policier is a landmark of the genre and the car chase highlight is still a thrill.











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