The Atrocity Film Festival 2002
as reported by Verson Jetorix


May 24th

Crash Fans (02) – A certified hoot, this premiere film from local filmmaker Paul Killebrew captures the demolition derby as AIDS metaphor.

Autopsy (75) – Overblown shocker that never quite gels.

Satan's Cheerleaders (77) – Terrible waste of celluloid and the thespian powers of John Ireland and Yvonne De Carlo.



May 25th

Hysteria (65) – I love this Brit Hitchcockian thriller with the great Robert Webber. On my top 100.

Harper (66) – Good, old-fashioned detective yarn that also features Mr. Webber.

Encounter With the Unknown (73) – Disappointing supernatural pseudo-documentary hosted by Rod Serling.




May 30th

The H-Man (58) – Wonderful Jap sci-fi sans monsters. I wish there more of these.

Blind Beast (69) – Interesting Jap art film worth seeing once.





May 31st

A Bullet for the General (67) – Excellent spaghetti western featuring a terrific performance from Gian Maria Volante that is worth the price of admission.

The Toolbox Murders (78) – Amazingly sleazy slasher flick with the great Cameron Mitchell.

The Giant of Metropolis (61) – Gordon Mitchell gets the lead in this peplum/sci-fi hybrid that is sorta fun but not great.






June 1st

The Vampire's Coffin (58) – Old fashioned spooks from south of the border.

The Swiss Conspiracy (76) – All-star mess of a movie that is supposed convey an anti-drug message but I missed it. Must’ve been too fucked up.

The Evil (78) – Guilty pleasure time. Clichι-ridden horror flick with the great Richard Crenna and the gorgeous Joanna Pettet. A keeper.



June 6th

Sardinia Kidnapped (68) – Serious crime flick with Franco Nero and Charlotte Rampling. Hardly any sheep were killed during filming.

Cult of the Cobra (55) – Totally fun matinee flick with Marshall “Daktari” Thompson and snake babe Faith Domergue.





June 7th

House on the Edge of the Park (80) – Really sick David Hess vehicle will have you squirming.

Jack the Ripper (76) – Jess Franco/Klaus Kinski combination means some good/some bad. Mostly bad.

Impulse (74) – Landmark William Shatner flick that established his rep as a shameless ham bar none.



Fucking legend, Herbert Fux (pictured w/severed hand)





June 8th

Desperate Target (80) – Boring Chris Mitchum spy vehicle.

Death Rides a Horse (68) – Cool spaghetti with Lee Van Cleef and John Philip Law that begs the question: Could these guys get any skinnier?

Nightmare in Wax (69) – Cam “The Man” Mitchell is back is this really low rent horror flick that is beyond bad. Another guilty pleasure I’ll never relinquish.





June 12th

Attack of the Mushroom People (63) – One of the great Jap horror flicks. And this was a cropped tape presentation!

Pieces (82) – Campy bad horror that features one of our favorite scenes: A guy hides his running chainsaw behind his back as he gets on an elevator and nobody notices!





June 13th

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (57) – Edgar Ulmer proves he can gather as many pieces of other movies as anyone else and make it into a bad John Agar flick.

Planet on the Prowl (66) – I think this was a widescreen version of this Antonio Margheriti space opera featuring AFF fave Giacomo Rossi-Stuart. I love these and wish they’d come out on DVD.







June 14th

A Killing in the Sun (73) – Serious mafia crime flick with the Henry Silva.

Demon (79) – Cam the Man is back but the film is so-so except for the show-stopping scene of Jennifer Holmes running topless thru the attic.

The Sentinel (77) – Some folks like this freak-laden devil movie but it doesn’t do much for me.



Winner of the Golden Knife Fight Award 2002:

Blazing Magnums


June 15th

Blazing Magnums (76) – The greatest Stuart Whitman movie ever. Watch it!

The Last Gun (64) – Cam the Man again in an ancient, old-fashioned western.

Thief (71) – Crenna, Cam the Man, and Angie Dickenson in this prime slice of downbeat TV angst that is one of my faves. A keeper.

The Bees (78) – So bad not even John “The Sax” Saxon can save it. Fever dream bad.

Chamber of Horrors (66) – Fun Patrick O’Neal period piece horror.

Beyond Evil (80) – Now this one’s just silly. The Sax does ok but this proves once again that Lynda Day George cannot act.



June 21st

Black Mama, White Mama (72) – Not great WIP flick.

Black Samurai (76) – Really terrible blaxploitation except when they offer Jim Kelly a stereo to come back to work.

Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (73) – Not as good as SLAUGHTER.






June 22nd

Face of Fu Manchu (65) – Totally fun Fu flick that features that fab German couple Joachim Fuchsberger and Karin Dor AND their real voices!

Castle of Fu Manchu (69) – Terrible Jess Franco trash.

Atragon (63) – Fun Jap sci-fi that I need to revisit.






June 23rd  (Chick Night)

Gunslinger (56) – You gotta love Bev Garland, John Ireland, and Allison Hayes in a Roger Corman western!

The Grass is Greener (60) – Fun love triangle comedy with Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, and Robert Mitchum. Not Atrocity-like at all but hey, sometimes these things happen.



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